Friday, March 16, 2007

Member? You member. You don member? I member.

I've really been enjoying reading memoirs lately, especially memoirs by writers. Real life can be so much more interesting than fiction.

Here's a list of the memoirs I've read during the last year or so:

Native State- Tony Cohan
I came across Tony's memoir after reading both of his Mexico books. He was a Hollywood kid before Gary Coleman or (insert favorite kid actor/musician here) and had a dad who couldn't let go of Radio's Golden Days and a mom who was a drunk. In this memoir he goes back home to be with his dying father and recalls his childhood in Cali and his time in Europe, oh yeah and his time as a kick ass jazz drummer.

Stranger Than Fiction- Chuck Palahniuk
Mostly essays and stuff about his out of the ordinary, true life experiences he's had. I enjoyed this better than Choke, his only work of fiction that I've read.

Somtimes The Magic Works- Terry Brooks
I became a fan of Brooks in high school after reading one of the Shannara titles. Sure, the Shannara stuff is derivative of Tolkiens work but he sort of addresses this point in his memoir, but mostly I like hearing about how he broke into the biz.

On Writing- Stephen King
Similar to Brooks' memoir, King tells you about his childhood and his obsession with rock and roll, pulp fiction, and writing. He also shares what his life was like after he was hit by a car.

Bird by Bird- Anne Lamott
In her memoir, Lamott is extremely honest about her childhood and college life and her dad- but what I like most are the parts, like in King's and Brooks' memoirs, where she puts on a writing how-to for the rest of us.

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bonniejo said...

That Stephen King book was surprisingly good. He's got some interesting notes, and I enjoy the notion that one's muse might be a slightly repulsive character, rather than something angelic. And I loved the description of his accident. Wowee. Hey, IndianaJesus, I tried to figure out how to delete a comment but I'm a bit slow with this stuff---if you know how to do it, let me know.