Sunday, May 27, 2007

Gone Fishin'

Okay, this little guy is all I caught during two hours of fishing at Potato Creek today. Went out with my brother Sal and nephew Estevan. I normally go for the blue gill and other pan fish, bass fishing is too complicated? for me. I want to cast, let the bait float under a bobber and chill in the shade of a tree until I get a blue on the hook. This young large mouth is the 2nd or 3rd I've caught at the Creek only after I get bored and start casting with Bass Stoppers just to get the blood flowing.

However, I was happy for the rest of the morning.

Friday, May 11, 2007

I've been tagged

Um, took me a while to figure this out, I guess I'm supposed to list 5 songs that knock my socks off- at this very moment in time it's the following:

"Passionate Kisses" Lucinda Williams
"Telephone Song" B.B. King (SRV song)
"Anselma" Los Lobos
"Let's Stay Together" Al Green
"Jambalaya" Hank Williams

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Some more Paz

Motion- Octavio Paz

If you are the amber mare
I am the road of blood
If you are the first snow
I am he who lights the hearth of dawn
If you are the tower of night
I am the spike burning in your mind
If you are the morning tide
I am the first bird's cry
If you are the basket of oranges
I am the knife of the sun
If you are the stone altar
I am the sacrilegious hand
If you are the sleeping land
I am the green cane
If you are the wind's leap
I am the buried fire
If you are the water's mouth
I am the mouth of moss

If you are the forest of the clouds
I am the axe that parts it
If you are the profaned city
I am the rain of consecration
If you are the yellow mountain
I am the red arms of lichen
If you are the rising sun
I am the road of blood

Henry Darger Images

Read more about Henry Darger here or here or maybe aqui!
I've only recently cracked open the book I found at the library about Henry Darger. I'm still not sure what to make of him, I only know that I'm intrigued by his work and his life. Why did he paint what he painted or write the things he wrote? Maybe this isn't the correct question.