Saturday, September 06, 2008

ND vs San Diego St.

ND 21
San Diego St. 13

It was an ugly, worrisome win. ND struggled big time in the first half. Sure, some bright spots, Golden Tate and Armando Allen, and I have hope they'll improve. I'm sticking to my 7-5 prediction for the season.


Neil Kelly said...

This game vs Michigan will be a good test. Neither is very good, but U of M does have the upper hand. ND can possibly pull off an upset if their defense shows up and the offense doesn't make mistakes. However, if I was going to bet on this game I would have to take Michigan -1 1/2. That incredibly low spread tells you just what Vegas thinks of the Wolverines.

greg rappleye said...

No...let's pretend there WAS no Michigan game.