Monday, September 15, 2008

ND vs Michigan

ND 35
Michigan 17

Ok, I wanted the Irish to win this one, but I had them losing this game on my schedule. Surprise! Anyway, the quick scores in the first 3 minutes of the game gave them all of the momentum necessary to run over the hapless Wolverines. If it hadn't of been for those quick scores, hmm, a toss up. A win is a win and ND did look better than last week. The Weis replay, on HD, ugly. Michigan St. is up next and that is normally a tricky game regardless of rankings, talent, el Nino, etc. Unfortunately, we'll be on our way to Cincinnati for Oktoberfest so we won't be watching the game. Wait, did I say "unfortunately" and "Oktoberfest" in the same sentence? Quick, someone beer me!


Neil Kelly said...

Well, I was right on everything I said last week except I would have lost that bet. However, this week I just don't see the Irish standing a chance. This could be one of the those old fashioned "Boy, fetch me a switch cuz I gonna whoop your ass!" games.

I can see it now, yuke, Jimmy Clausen is going to have that nervous ball sweat trickling down his shaved thighs. Like a muskrat thrown to the wolves, he'll be disoriented and crying, "Mama!"

Of course, I hope not, but going up to East Lansing and pulling off a victory will be about as easy as the ACL & MCL of Charlie Weis being able to sustain the weight of three collapsing men.

Take Michigan St -8 1/2

greg rappleye said...

Okay. You beat us.

Fair and square.

We are hapless.

We have no hap.