Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Random thoughts at 8:20 pm on a Wednesday

-I think that, after some discussion with a coworker we'll refer to as "Naire", I'll begin writing urban vampire romance novels under the pen name January August.

-When parents are hotter than their kids, do the kids grow up with more self esteem issues or less?

-Babies are way funny when they're just learning to walk and they wave their little arms over their gigantic heads trying not to fall down and then they fall anyway.

-In Spanish, handcuffs are "esposas" which can also mean wives. And hunt is "cazar" which if just said and not read means to wed.

-Sometimes, during a storm, I think it'd be great to be hit by lighting and become a superhero.

-A couple in a parking lot the other day were discussing this and suddenly Jerry Springer made sense : "you've hit me in the face before, yes you have, yes you have, you've hit me in the face before, don't lie, yes you have, yes you have" she said with a smile on her face as she gets in the truck with her man.

-I'd like to "appear" on NPRs this I believe and say "This I believe" and just sit there in silence, my breathing being the only audible sound

-And Twins!!!


Charmi said...

The couple in the parking lot sound like a story waiting to happen. Great post.

Jennifer said...

what's this about twins? are you having twins? c'mon I need more!