Monday, August 20, 2007

Movin on Up

Warning: You are reading a reworded post

I have accepted the position of Readmobile Manager for SJCPL. This means two things: mo money and mo responsibility. That's ok though, I am ready for both and can't wait to start. I'll be working with a population that is happy to see me and I'll get to tell stories and be goofy and have fun. It will also look good on my resume after I get my MLS.

If you see a big ol' bus with Garfield on the side, give a honk and I'll probably honk back.

And uh, no Neil, you can't hitch a ride.


Charmi said...


Talia said...

I didn't realize there was any such thing. How cool. And you get to drive it I suppose?

Neil Kelly said...

why not. you can drop me off a local watering holes.