Friday, April 27, 2007

And we're back

Thanks to all of the new folks who've been checking out the blog- Bienvenidos!

Just turned in my final portfolio- I want to give those stories one more lookie before I start submitting again. I think they're pretty good, but I find myself, now that I finally understand revision (to a small degree- something is better than nothing) wanting to gut my stories. That's too much like starting over. I have to learn to curb my cravings and allow any new ideas I get for old stories to become new stories. But I believe I now know where books, novellas, and really good short story collections come from and no it isn't from having sex with the computer. Those things come from asking questions and more questions and then more questions until there are no more honest sincere answers to give or you run out of questions. But I can truly see some of my characters really coming to life in a book. No book attempts however until I publish a couple of short stories.

Damn, writing is hard work.

Anyway, I expect to start blogging here once a week and be more disciplined about it.

Oh yeah, I gradute on Tuesday, May 8 from Indiana University-South Bend with a degree in English- writing concentration.

I plan on staying on at the Library and hope that a better position will open up. I have been asked to job shadow at the reference desk and I hope this is a good thing/sign.

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