Monday, January 05, 2009

And Away We Go

So the trip to Texas was good, it would have been great, but I was sick for most of it. Got to see family and friends, and even made a couple of new friends. Gloria was able to meet up with a childhood friend she hadn't see in a long time. Thanks to Facebook, we've been able to reconnect and connect with folks we thought were out or gone from our lives. I'm now in the process, thanks to Facebook, of meeting up with some childhood friends of my own.

I had another Small Word moment over Xmas Break, two actually. The first, Gloria's long lost friend Cindy, had actually lived here in Indiana (Syracuse) after leaving Texas. Her sister lived in Goshen only until recently, and they have in-laws in the area. Then, as we were making the rounds and saying hello to family, we discovered that one of Gloria's peoples is neighbors with my aunt who lives in Mexico.

Oh yeah, we were attacked by flying ice on our way down to Texas and now have two dents on the roof of the RAV to prove it. If it had been much lower, it would have flown through the windshield and decapitated Gloria, that would have been gross. And sad.

Hmmm, we're in the mood to move. It usually happens once or twice a year, and we usually let things hold us back (our finances are so good right now, i need my graduate degree first, we haven't had a kid yet, family, etc). Neil says if we go out to visit him in Colorado, we won't come back. I wouldn't mind Austin, San Antonio less, but nowhere else in Texas unless it was an emergency. So do I start my MLS in state or do I go online, where I can be mobile, but it's expensive? Hmmm?

Let's have a good year, OK.


Charmi said...

I read both you and Gloria's post about moving. I'm in the same mood. All of what you said, plus I have no appetite for winter.

Before you make your decision, take a trip to the Northwest Coast. It gorgeous, temperate, has everything you both want.

Dave said...

What about WL? Did it get nixed from the short list? The winter weather here is much more mild than SB, but you'd still be within driving distance to the Indiana side of the family. The arts & entertainment scene is alive and well, and Glo could probably complete her teacher training obligation at one of the schools. There's plenty of decent and a handful of really good restaurants in the area. And, if you guys move to the Laf area, I'll buy a fishing boat so we can track down and properly thank the King of the River with a plateful of homemade tamales. =)

Neil Kelly said...

Lafayette sucks. Come out to the mountains, grow a beard and have 10 kids!