Friday, October 31, 2008

Dia de los Muertos Party!!!

Party FAQ's

What should I bring?
Um bring whatever you wanna bring. The last person I said that to brought up the point that everyone might bring chips. Well then, we'll eat a shit load of chips!!! Really though, don't make it too hard on yourself. Drinks are good, alc or non-alc. Veggie tray, cheese, meat tray, it's all good.

Can/Should I dress up?
Sure, you know what, if you have a costume you want to wear, wear it! Maybe you have fun wig or crazy mask, sure, to it. I'll have a D of the D shirt on, and maybe if you're lucky, I'll put on my Blue Demon (pronounce it in Spanish though) lucha libre mask. But there is no "dress up" requirement.

It's a 7, but it's like an open house kind of party, not a scheduled activities party. We do have skulls for you to decorate and/or tissue paper flowers for you to make, besides the food, so it's gonna be first come first served. We'll probably even play a couple of game of loteria (Mexican Bingo).

Yep, we're gonna have one. No, it's not a black magic/voodoo thing, it's a venerate the dead thing. So bring a memento (favorite food, object, picture) of a dearly departed soul and you can add it to the display, it's respectful and fun!

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Talia said...

Please take pictures! And then post them here, of course.