Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ND vs. PU

ND 38
PU 21

It was nice to see the Irish score in the 30's. The first half was a score for score kind of thing, but then ND came back in the second half and Purdue let the game get away from them. ND did have a balanced game, about as much running as passing, more running than last week, that's for sure. I wish I could recap more, but I was busy half the game detonating Irish Car Bombs and stuffing my face. We had some great company over, and I got to laugh at cousin Dave (Purdue Alumni and Staff) for doing the one man wave. Next week, Stanford.


Charmi said...

Fun, fun, fun. Gene's been dragging me in every store looking for that darn skeleton. He's so bummed about not being here for Day of the Dead!

Neil Kelly said...

I will be there on the 1st!

BEER ME often!

Rachel said...

YEAH! Go Notre Dame!