Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ND vs. Michigan St.

ND 7
Mich. St. 23

Ouch! I had them losing this game, but still, I wanted them to put up more of a fight. I got warm fuzzies hearing Floyd's name called out so much. I'm telling you, National Champs in two years. They're young and talented and just need time to gel. You'll see. I listened to this game on AM on the way down to Cinci and it was cool that everytime the station I was listening too would fade out, another AM station had the game on crystal clear. Oh, and word about the Irish Nation. I wore my "Shirt" from last year, I don' have the new one yet, and people, other fans, would respond with a "Go, Irish!" and give me a high five or clink my beer mug at Oktoberfest. There were many Irish fans there and it was consoling that they reached to acknowledge another fan. Go Irish indeed.

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Neil Kelly said...

Big win this week over the Boilermakers! Take the Irish -1 1/2!

Go Beer!!!!!!