Friday, August 15, 2008

I loves/hates my internets!

What I both love and hate about the internet. Somehow, exactly how I don’t know, these phenomena have made the internet a better but shittier place.

**not quite finished- too bad soo sad!

1. elitterit kats
2. MyFaceNing
3. blogs, vlogs, wiki’s
5., rss, digg
6. Nigerian Scams
7. Memes and Swedes
8. Craig’s Ebay list
9. Flikr, Resizr, Stupidr
10. Google it!


Talia said...

Thanks for showing me yet another way to waste time (cats).

Busstogate said...

Here is my slavemaking device for you:

Jennifer said...

okay, I should get to your blog more often. I do want to know what happened to that hilarious librarian link though. I loved it!