Saturday, June 28, 2008

Too big baby jesus?

Walking around Farmer's Market this morning, I noticed I was bumping into more people than normal. Sure, the place was packed, but I'm usually aware of my "space" and I'm pretty good at navigating my way through a crowd without so much as bumping elbows or stepping on feet. But today, every move I made seemed to be the wrong move. After a while, I got so frustrated that I purposely avoided all collisions- I felt like a bumper in a pinball machine. It's funny though, I started wondering why it was that everyone else I bumped into wasn't making an effort to avoid me. I wonder if our increasing social isolation is having an effect on our subconscious- remember Crash?

The events of this morning got me thinking about a goal I wanted to accomplish this summer: to lose some weight, about 20lbs to get me started, and take some pressure of my bad back, bad knees, bad knees, balding head- wait! I've lost large amounts of weight before and my body responds extremely well to exercise, however, this time around, it's really really hard. I've been walking my dogs on a daily basis for 20-30 minutes a day and it's painful!! I feel like an ass for having let myself go like this. Not that I was ever "in shape", but looking at that senior picture (posted a few posts back) reminded me of how active I was back then.

Recently, I've even had to stop walking my dogs with the same frequency, because I hurt myself. Walking. How pathetic. But, it's not that I have unhealthy diet habits- beer and bbq aside, I eat plenty of whole grains, veggies, lean meats. I think though, my problem is the "plenty" part. I eat too much of the good stuff. Too much. I recently read an article naming the "best food for men" and I eat most of it.

I just need to get moving- no excuse. Time to fix the bike or go for a swim if the joints hurt, also that's what Aleve is for anyway right?


Talia said...

Oprah says (I utter those 2 words far too often) that you shouldn't even think about weighing yourself for at least one month.

Neil Kelly said...

I'll back you up, Jesue. Saturdays at the Farmer's Market is ridiculous. People are always IN THE WAY! Why does everyone there seem to stand in the middle, talking or just plain looking lost. Get a clue people. I love going to the Market (when in the Bend), but seriously mouth breathers, wipe the drool from your chin and pay attention to your surroundings! They're like uncool zombies, living mannequins usually bartering over useless goods with some mothball merchants.
Thank you for the post, Jesus. I've always wanted to vent about that because it used to drive me crazy. I have no idea if it's about "social isolation," but it's fucking annoying.

As far as your weight goes, I still think your just a big-boned stud. Walking is overrated anyway. Get a Hoveround or something.

Charmi said...

Yep, same here with Farmer's Market. Crazy stupid.

If I were you, I'd blame the dogs completely for any injury that happened while walking them. My dogs are idiots. I let them run inside their fence and I walk w/o them.

Psychoflowers said...

I think either people are just zoned out with their personal problems or they are just simply rude. I always watch were I go, especially in grocery stores, and it crowds.

Besides Buddha wouldn't be so adorable without a rubable (is that a word?)