Monday, March 31, 2008

Hello, do we have any poets out there tonight?

So, I need your help. Well, my nephew Estevan needs your help. He has an assignment due in a couple of weeks involving poetry. He needs to find one poem for each of the themes below. I'm not saying give us the poem, but if you can point him in the right direction,maybe a title, a poet, etc. I would forever be in your debt.


> Here are the Themes for the poetry project
> -Season of birth
> -poem about a boy or girl
> -family/parent/siblings
> -house pets
> -friends/friendships
> -school days
> -activities/pastimes(sports/hobbies)
> -Dreams/goals
> -recollections/memories
> -likes/dislikes
> -death
> -humor
> -values
> -chiledhood
> -changes/passages


Neil Kelly said...

Go to Bukowski. Obviously you'll have to go through and do a little censoring, but he's got a poem about it all.

Rachel said...

Frost. And I promise I'll give more time to this project asap.

Anonymous said...

Go tot he drop down menu >
Poets and Poetry >
Poems >

Jesus said...

You people rule!

Charmi said...

My brain is taking an extended sabbatical. When it returns I'll get back with you. However, I have no eta.