Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Love poem

I love the way my windshield wipers blur the windshield
I love the way the vet bill came in under the estimate
I love the way my house is freezing in some corners
I love the way I was almost T-boned in traffic today
I love the way Britney Spears invaded this poem
I love the way pizza and beer gimme heartburn
I love the way kids can be jerks and not care
I love the way things can't be as easy as pie
I love the way dumb people just don't know
I love the way it all comes down to money


Anonymous said...

Jesus is just joking around again. Don't get scared off like when he posted "Chocolate Rain".

Rachel said...

Thank goodness...I'm still having nightmares about that. ;) I'll add to the chain:

I love when my neighbors serenade me all day with wall-rattling gangsta rap.

Jennifer said...

i love it

Talia said...

I love when m cat pukes under the kitchen table AND THEN wants to go outside.

Charmi said...

Jeez, mine pukes ON the kitchen table, then wants more food.