Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Do Over

I shined the place up a bit, added some furniture, and painted the walls. Hope you like.

Check out the new links to the right.

Wordsmith, the anagram function is fun to play with. Jesus Moya: Emu Ass Joy, Jays Mouse, Amuses Joy.

Also LivePlasma is fun. Put in your favorite band or singer and it maps out relevant similar artists.

Over and out.


Charmi said...

Nice! I remember as a kid, totally redoing my room over and over again. I was the only girl, so it was all mine!

I like the colors and pic.

Anonymous said...

Not sure the pic you chose is flattering, but the rest looks nice.

It felt more inviting the other way though.

Talia said...

Talia Reed: a eared lit, a rated lie, a rad elite, a later die