Monday, July 16, 2007

Some Good News

(Doesn't the above title sound like the name of a Christian rock band? Except the members aren't Christian at all but they're all named Christian- even the girl who plays the tambourine . . .)

Just got an email from SHINE! (online journal) editor Pamela Griffin notifying me that she liked the flash piece I submitted and that she'd like to publish it in the August edition.

Wow! This is getting fun.

The story is Old Diego- the last story I wrote in David's class. I wanted to try flash fiction and because David is a cool guy I knew he wouldn't slam me for not turning in a full story. I've worked on this story here and there, debating on making it longer, fleshing it out, but I really like it just the way it is.

SHINE!, August, Old Diego.


Charmi said...

Congratulations you dirty, rotten so-and-so! You know I am jealous beyond words.

Anonymous said...

I never really comment on this blog because I feel like my comments don't belong here, but this is a special occasion.

As your friend and wife, I am SO very happy for you. To know what you love and to go after it, is true courage.

I hope I can be like you one day.

Talia said...

Congratulations Jesus! Make sure you put the link up on your blog (or email it to everyone you know, like I would do if it were me) so we can all see one of our own up in lights.

Neil Kelly said...

Yeah, you're famous now. Drinks on Jesus!!!!!