Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I am. . . .THE MAN!

Insight totally sucks!

I realized the other day as I mentally ran thr0ugh an incident at work the other day that I am The Man. What man? The Man- the cog in the system, any system, that says "No" and denies you what you want. Cops are the Man, Principals are the Man, Dubya is the Man (really it's Cheney but you know) Hillary is the Man.

I don't like it one bit either. I hate being the man. For a system, any system, to be successful, every part must be finely tuned and working to optimum levels. But what if you're the part in the system that no one likes or people dislike because of the job you do- like the spit valve on a trombone, the toilet in a house, the bottom feed in a fish tank. These are important jobs, vital to the success of the system.

Now, I'm not saying all systems are created equal, I'm not trying to argue if having a system is good or bad, all I'm saying is I don't like my part in "the system" that is the library. I can say no, I can deny you access to what you want or need. Of course, I get to make excuses: It says in the policy manual that, the rules say, it's not my job, etc.

But I could also totally subvert the system. I can do things beyond my job description, I can access information and give it to you, I can manipulate the system to get you what you need.

It's what I would normally do in any other situation- There is no such thing as no (Ask my wife about her battle with Usa Fitness- no doesn't always mean no.

I gotta go, more on this later . . .

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Charmi said...

Good to see you yesterday. It was nice to see you using your powers for good ;-)