Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The recent spate of school shootings has got me pissed off. The last two weren't even students killing students but adults killing students. Unfortunately school shootings aren't new and we haven't heard the last of them. However, what's most disturbing is that the perps of the last two school shootings were men with sex issues.

This doesn't speak well for our society. We have televison programs setting up sting operations to capture men who want to have sex with children, every couple of months we hear of female teachers having sex with a students, hell, just recently there was a politician (Foley) who was busted for sending inappropriate emails to teenage pages.

We need to "out" sex. We can't keep it locked up in the bedroom any longer. We can't keep it a taboo subject. It's all over tv, radio, and books; it seems like everyone is laughing about, joking about it, writing about it, singing about, everything except TALKING about it.

Sex is fun and it's great. It isn't some dirty thing to be ashamed off. Sure this great country was founded on WASP values, but those values just don't apply anymore. We can't keep suppressing, ignoring, evading our feelings about sex. Does this mean that men should rape little girls and boys, that women should be allowed to prey on kids? NO NO NO! What I am saying is that we have members of our society that have problems with sex and they feel too ashamed to get help and to talk about their problems. Our society doesn't want to hear it. Our society thinks that by not talking about sex, it isn't happening.

Well, the consequences of that line of thinking is quite evident.


Charmi said...

Preach it, brother. Some of my main issues with the church have been the denial to tackle things head on (no pun/allusion intended.) But the problems extend past the church. As a people that would like to evolve and move into better ways of being we need to explore power and relationships and how our bodies interact with our souls and our brains. Yes, I believe in souls. That's me. I'm so glad you've brought this up!

Jesus said...

Yeah, the more I thought about it and the more I spoke about it with my wife this is really a power issue. How many times do you hear that rapists rape because its a power trip and not really about the sex. Why do so many people, especially men, feel powerless. Why does it manifest itself this way? I agree, the problems do extend past the church and what was once a church thing is now a everyone in society thing.