Thursday, August 17, 2006

This too!

The last 6 weeks or so have been hectic beyond belief. Driver's Ed and Cheerleading for the teenager, summer classes for me, my brother's wedding, the tomatoes that are late . . .

My brother was married on August 5 and the affair was put on by family. I am now experienced in putting up a 100 person tent and am considering starting a circus. It was a beautiful thing, however, when it finally happened, and I got all choked up when I gave the best man speech.

I have say though that family is a beautiful thing. Sure, most Mexicans are undereducated, overfed, and ILLEGAL- but damn we know how to do family. Most computers are tagged with Intel to let you know what powers them, my life is tagged with Familia in the bottom left hand corner just under my heel. Family is wealth. The value manifests itself when we come together, even when times are tough and we have our own personal demons that we're wrestling (or drinking with) and our lives are consumed with so much stuff, to lend each other a hand, the shirts off our backs, or a pot of beans.

Sometime ago the media was exploiting a study about American's growing lack of a close circle of friends. I have to admit that my close circle of friends is my family. Not that I don't have many friends, I just don't have many that I keep in contact with ( I am a horrible friend when it comes to that kind of stuff) and family is always at arm's length.

So a big toast to Familia . . . and beans.

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Charmi said...


So glad to have company out here in the blog-o-sphere. You nailed the family thing. I'm picking up my brother & family Sunday night at Midway, coming in from CA! By God, I'm going to spend the whole week breathing them in. We're going to cook and tell stories and laugh and I'm going to try and convince him not to tell my kids all those stories about me.

Blog on!