Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Not so funny. . .

So. . . I made this blog back in Abril cuz a writer said I should. Then I did the thing that I always do and got lazy and never published. But now I feel that I must cuz other writers I know have started publishing theirs.

Here's my first piece of ridiculousness:

A couple of weeks ago I was surfing the net at work and came across a headline that went something like this: " 2 die as inflatable art floats away." After a couple of "what the hell's" I decided to click and read. I read the story and laughed out loud. At people dying. Death.

It isn't my fault that the story was so . . . surreal? Basically some "artist" decided to make a fancy "Moon Walk" birthday party bouncy thing. It was made to float and for the walls to change colors and best of all people could walk through it and interact with art.

And so people were walking through this floating, technicolored cube, and then a mooring breaks and the floating Moonwalk begins to float away . . . with people inside. Said people panic and the floating art begins to list and tilt and soon people pour out like animal crackers from an animal cracker box and a poor old lady dies. (How do you tell the kids that grandma died at an art exhibit?)

Yes, I laughed when I read this! I was imagining some crazy Monty Python animation thing! Come on!!! This floating art was built by an artist, not an Engineer! Why would you go in! Why do I have so many exclamation points in this poorly written paragraph!

And by the way, the only reason they were able to retrieve the floating art was because it got stuck on a pole. Jesus!

So this is my first real posting, I hope to post more stuff when I can. Maybe some fiction, some observations, some mushy feeling stuff . . .

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